Personality Natal Report


What you find in this report:

  • Present with special problems to solve and special lessons to learn.
  • Reveal the Secrets of Your Personality: Strengths and Challenges.
  • Decoding Potential for All Aspects of Your Life.
  • Grow in the life directions that are right for you and you alone.
  • Offer You the Best Time To Carry Out Your Plans.

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Personal Natal Report brings a highly exact overview of your life by exploring your strengths and weaknesses from many different angles, the lesson you learn in life, and why you become the person you are. It also describes opposite urges and drives, as well as your core focuses.

Especially, this report gives you guidelines for a deeper self-understanding, personal self-improvement, and exploring of your karma direction as well as resolving your inner conflicts and contradictions.

What you find in this report:

  • A full in-depth, accurate & detailed birth chart reading of about + 35 pages.
  • Aspects: Keys to Your Inner Drama.

In your birth chart, the Sun, Moon, and planets play the central role. They are the actors in the drama, the moving figures on the stage, each with a character of its own. How these characters relate to each other, whether and how they clash or harmonize, and whether they bring out each other’s best or worst qualities are shown by the aspects, or angles, between the planets.

  • Houses: Bringing the Planets Down to Earth.

You will learn below in what areas of life the planets — the main actors in your drama — are disposed to be most active and how the way each planet operates is influenced by both its house and its sign.


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